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We have over a decade of experience remodeling in Southwest Florida – We hold a residential remodeling license for whatever your needs are – for insurance claims and additions and modifications. Let us know how we can be of service! Visit our showroom

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Let us introduce ourselves


We are Phenomenal Construction. We work in the residential area, relying on professionals with more than 20 years of experience. We specialize in interior remodeling, focusing on bathrooms, kitchens & flooring. Our main focus is executing projects according to the client’s desire. All our servicing is performed in a personalized way adapting to the latest design trends and the client’s budget of course. What sets our company apart is the Phenomenal customer service we provide, along with always innovating our ideas and goals and making dreams come true, the Phenomenal way. Our main goal is to act with love, affection and punctuality, relying on a team of 12 highly qualified individuals. You dream it and we build it the phenomenal way. For more information call us at 239-878-3404 or visit us at our showroom at

How it all came to be…


Our services are a great fit for those that search for elegance, security and quality, and are delivered using the highest tech. Our products are destined for those who are searching for the newest and best deals available in the market. We furbish remodeling interior services, using the most modern equipment to perform the work with Phenomenal quality, aiming always for the highest client satisfaction and community and business development. Our compromise to excellence and the prompt advancement of our projects is the result of the compromise of our hard working team What motivates us is the happiness of our clients with the Phenomenal transformation of the ambience, before and after.